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Heart of Asheville TaglineHEART of Asheville (Honoring Emotions And Revealing Truths) is a unique weekend long personal development program that combines group interaction exercises with intense individualized instruction.

This is a transformational personal growth weekend designed to:

  • Help you face those deep rooted beliefs and fears that stand between you and the life you want.
  • Cultivate more authentic, satisfying, and emotionally rich personal relationships.
  • Heal the past, and renew your hope for the future.
  • Develop your self-confidence and personal power
  • Demonstrate how to have brave conversations and communicate what you want and need
  • Push the boundaries of your comfort zone
  • Provide a safe space so you can experience the freedom of expressing yourself fully, while being fully supported.
  • Individual Attention with Group Support

As a participant, this workshop is about you - your goals, and your needs.  Each activity has been selected with the intention of uncovering and unpacking the old beliefs that hold you back, while also offering knowledge and understanding to find self-love and forgiveness. You will have opportunity to work on yourself and invest in your own personal growth, while also having the powerful experience of group dynamics as the instructors, assistants, and students all work together to support each participant’s goals. 

Some topics covered throughout the weekend include:

  • Forgiveness
  • Grief
  • Self-love and Self-Care
  • Anger and resentment
  • Joy and Playfulness

The Course Costs

Tuition for the weekend is $675 and includes:

  • 24.5 hours of instructor led activities
  • A follow-up session after the course
  • Unlimited access to the private Heart community for ongoing support
  • Opportunity to assist in unlimited additional courses at no charge a discounted rate

Through one-on-one and group discussions and activities, the class develops into a team of problem solvers, dream builders, and more powerful people making it is an exciting, LIFE-CHANGING experience in personal development! Please note that due to increased interest and in order to ensure each participant has the individual attention they need, group size is limited to 15 students per weekend – reserve your seat today!

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