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From My Heart To Yours

Welcome to my Heart.

Tammy Hello! I am the founder and visionary of HEART of Asheville and You may be asking yourself ‘who are these people?’ and ‘could this workshop really benefit me?’ so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about myself, and why I believe it can.

I am not a therapist. I am far from being profound or astutely aware. I’m just an average person who has lived my life day to day, without intent, without awareness. Without being curious as to why things are the way they are.

Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, I lived in the same house throughout my childhood but attended 7 different schools. Because we lived at the school districts’ edge, when the zoning changed, so did my assigned school. These disruptions, combined with my 'family secret', led to a very lonely and painful childhood that lasted well into my adulthood. Eventually I was blessed to find a wonderful man to share my future with, but I was still struggling with not having the successful, close relationships with others that I so desperately wanted and needed.

I began seeing a therapist to help me with my sadness issue and he recommended I attend a local workshop called P3 (Personal Power and Prosperity). After months of resistance, I finally asked myself 'what was I afraid of?' and 'what did I have to lose?'. I signed up for the next course and waited. 

The P3 weekend finally arrived and I was scared to death! I remember sitting in the waiting room, shaking and crying with fear of the unknown, when I heard a friendly voice from across the room assuring me I was in the right place and that everything was going to be okay. It so happens the man behind the voice had attended the workshop before and was going back again, so I figured how bad could it be? Going to P3...and staying...was the best decision I've ever made. 

For the next couple of days I felt an overwhelming sense of acceptance and relief that I had never experienced before. There were people who volunteered their time and energy just to be there for ME…Tammy Cissell! Never had I felt the level of unconditional love and support I found that weekend. And from complete strangers! I am still amazed by it all.

So many things happened to me that weekend that could have only happened in that time and space. My beliefs about not being good enough were challenged, my feeling stuck was lifted, I started to like myself, life-long friendships were made, and I finally felt empowered to dream.

And dream I did. I dreamt of being able to provide the same life changing experience to others. That’s when HEART (Honoring Emotions And Revealing Truths) of Asheville was born.

SteveNow you’re probably wondering how Asheville got in the picture. Well I feel drawn to Asheville. I have loved ones who live there, and my husband and I plan to relocate there when the time is right. I knew I would miss the connections I’ve made in Orlando so I wanted to create the same kind of loving and supportive community I've grown accustomed to. You see, once you complete the workshop, you are welcome to return and be of service to others as often as you would like, creating that community support system...a no other! It really is a win, win situation.

I have been empowered to pursue my dream, to have a home in the mountains surrounded by a community much like P3. The first part of that dream has been realized and I am continuing my adventure by creating HEART of Asheville and sharing my secret with you!

There is still time to sign up and take that first step into changing your life…for good. Register today and I guarantee* you’ll be glad you did! (*100% money back guarantee if you participate in all activities and do not like the workshop).

So, bring your HEART, for just ONE weekend, and change your LIFE forever. You'll be glad you did!

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