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Informed Consent

As part of the process of attending a Heart of Asheville, LLC workshop we will require your consent to the following:

I understand that this workshop is educational in nature and is not psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy. 

I have discussed this workshop with a staff member of Heart of Asheville, LLC and I understand that, in addition to the benefits, there are always emotional and medical risks in such a group setting. 

I assume the risk, by this consent, of any accident or injury to myself or inflicted by me during this course and hereby release Heart of Asheville LLC from liability therefore. 

I take responsibility for consulting with a medical doctor and/or mental health professional prior to participating in the course concerning any known or potential physical or mental conditions which I have or may have. 

I assume the risk, by consent, of any illness during the course, and hereby release Heart of Asheville, LLC from liability therefore. 

If I have serious emotional problems or have been hospitalized for emotional problems or am currently under the care of a psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist, I understand that it is required that I obtain written permission from said professional and have submitted this document to Heart of Asheville, LLC, before I attend any workshops. 

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