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It is hard to put into words the feelings I have about the class I have just completed. It is as if I've given myself a precious gift that only keeps giving. I am blessed to have met so many wonderful, honest, caring, wise and strong love filled people. I thank you for welcoming me with such open arms and look forward to coming back as an angel. Namaste
This is a LIFE-CHANGING course! Because of this course, I am happier, more confident and at ease. Because of this course, my life and relationships have improved. My problems seems smaller and my joys deeper. And it was also a lot of FUN! I laughed so hard with Vicki Lewis O'Grady. She is both hilarious and wise. Don't hem and haw, just take the course. You will thank yourself.
Anytime, anyone gets to spend a weekend with the amazing Vicki O'Grady they should grab it!!! One of the most brilliant insightful women I know!!
A good friend of mine encouraged me to attend this course for years. I finally did. I won't stop going! It provided me answers, insight, and a slew of tools. Most of all, it provided me love - love from others, and love from myself!
I have nothing but praise for the Heart of Asheville workshops. As a woman in recovery, my experience of the weekend was very powerful and authentic. Througout the weekend I was surprised over and over to learn about how my childhood experiences have created the rich tapestry that is my life. I was able to identify the dysfunctional patterns that have limited me. I have learned new ways of communicating and expressing my feelings. I am able to be more honest, with myself especially. My friends and family have seen the changes that have come about as a result of doing the exercises in the workshop. Through the excellent guidance and skills of the facilitators the work is integrated at a deep level. I had such wonderful connections with the other participants and made new friends. We had fun and learned so much from each other. This work is an excellent adjunct to 12 Step recovery programs and traditional talk therapy. I plan to attend more Heart of Asheville weekends so that I can continue to grow in my recovery. It's exciting to have this opportunity to participate in becoming whole and healthy. I would wholeheartedly recommend Heart of Asheville to anyone who is "stuck" in their recovery and wants to take the next step.
The experience I had at the Heart of Asheville conference is one everyone should experience at least one time in their lifetime. I was met with love and acceptance and supported the entire weekend and afterward with the same. I was amazed with the care and understanding the “Angels” who stood behind me, beside me and all around me provided every moment of the conference. I left reflective and encouraged, feeling purged of old feelings of guilt and grief and healed of wounds that had been festering for years. I look forward to the next conference when I can be an Angel and assist others in their journey.
This workshop has been a life changing experience. The course has provided me with the opportunity to connect with people on much deeper levels and recognize and apply my own potential in my life. I recommend this course to anyone who is looking to make a change in their life.
Heather, MA
HEART of Asheville provides a safe environment, as a human being, to fully experience personal growth in the area a person needs it most. Being a practicing clinician, the weekend workshop provided direct emotional insight on when a person is in protection and when they're in learning. Understanding the difference has been crucial in empathizing with clients, identifying their stage of change, and ultimately improving the development of the therapeutic relationship.
Christian, RMHCI
The workshop was a life changing experience. I had been going to counseling for years to heal from past hurts and to try to better myself. HEART was a step up from counseling and it gave me the opportunity to heal in a different manner. Before the weekend started my anger was at a 10 when the weekend was over my anger was at a 2. After the weekend I felt spiritually, emotionally, and cognitively lighter and free. Both my personal and professional life have changed thanks to the healing and support I received that weekend.
GeeGee M.A. LMHC
I was introduced to the work in 1998. My life has found new meaning and purpose in such a profound way. It was the greatest gift!!! After many years of success both personally and professionally, I fell into a very dark hole that I knew I would be in for a long time. Fall I did, so deeply when I was suppose to know & apply this work and I was suppose to know & understand how the universe worked! I was unable to understand anything anymore. I spent many years very alone, fearful and lost. Trapped inside my pain body. When I first heard Tammy was producing a course in Asheville, I wanted more than anything for her to be successful! I wanted to show up for her and let her know I believed in her. That I saw her and her magnificence and all the gifts that she brings to others. I knew she was special from the first time she hugged me. I tell her she has magic in there! It fills you up and heals the parts of your soul you had left in the dark. So I went to her first class here in Asheville and I started to crawl out of the hole unbeknownst to me. That was not in my plans. I should have known better! Ha ha!! That is the basic 101 of these courses. You come to be in service and you walk away with way more than you give. I have a great gratitude for the healing that has taken place for me on such a core level. Pre-verbal trauma and old forgotten wounds had answers and healing of ancient wisdom waiting for me to uncover. Parts of myself I didn't want to see but only when I allowed the compassion for myself that I am only human in all of my imperfections is where I found myself again. I had truely missed my life thinking it was something long gone. The life I was missing was the life-force which lives within me. I found me again. Much more real and compassionate to myself and others. Much more willing to make mistakes again. More willing to do things that I am afraid to do for the purpose of sharing my gifts so that others can see the glory of their God within themselves. I am thankful for all of you that have crossed my path willing to sharing your love with me.